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Do you feel energy, and intentionally love raising the vibe? So do I ! This is why I created 10 of Cups Life.

The 10 of Cups is one of the most positive tarot cards in the entire Tarot deck. The message of the 10 of Cups card foretells ALIGNMENT to success, a grand arrival, fortune, peace, love, home, harmony, family, celebration and more.

In the card illustration; 10 cups are arched, supported, and infused with rainbow energy, and the whole family is celebrating this. As humans, we intuitively know that sighting a rainbow is very auspicious. Ironically, this beautiful external rainbow is already/also aligned inside of us 🌈.  

As you may know, when we experience (even a glimpse) of what we energetically-truly are; we find that we actually are the fortune, peace, love, harmony, family, and more.  It is all inside, waiting to be experienced. We are created with this 10 of Cups energy, it is withIN, we exist now, we have already arrived, we are here, so our high vibe "dream" is actually already done!

As a lover of raising vibrations & the art of healing, I struggled to find stores that sold high vibe products with a large selection/spiritually diverse items; with fun, vibrant & healing energy. This is why I have spent countless hours creating  cozy + high-vibrational designs. 

Personally, I have been drawn to spirituality since/around 1985. I started having "spiritual experiences" at a young age; so I often questioned life, death, and the human journey - pretty early-on.  Out of my friends; I am the one with spiritual views, funny replies, light energy🧚, the personal shopper🛍, always working on a creative or crafty project, and I am also a singer-songwriter!  My mother taught me how to do tarot card readings when I was around 13 years old. I went to a catholic school as a child, my (non-immediate) family was/is Mormon. I am very grateful for all the extreme and complex spiritual discussions (and even the personal hurts I went through),  about judgment & separation, around religious views. It brought such clarity & love and non-duality to my personal spiritual views now. 

With my spiritual, creative, and fashion background; I have made it my mission to provide all of my customers with a range of fashionable + spiritually diverse designs that focus on the different avenues of  "honing our high vibes". I feel the diversity allows myself and you; to be intentional & conscious with what we purchase, what we wear, and with what frequencies we want to emit.  

Why Choose 10 of Cups Life?

I personally & intentionally created all the 10 of Cups Life unique high-vibe designs; with the knowing that what you choose - is an conscious energy choice. When a smile can create another smile and another smile...; this can be called a "ripple effect"  or Co-Creation. It is creating energy - together. 

I am focused on creating our signature vibrational designs that you can’t find anywhere. One of my most popular products, the "Flowing with my Hommies" tee, is a fantastic example of this! From the "I AM" Collection , "Enlightened Energy" Collection, to our "The Vibrational Hoodies" Collection, I have you covered!

July 2023, I started testing to sell selected Tees at Feisty Consignment in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  However, the vast collections & custom designed tops (Tees, Sweatshirts and Hoodies) are Online Based (*with free shipping). All the tops are manufactured, produced, shipped from the USA,  and currently sold in US dollars.

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🎶 Also feel free to check out my music. I have two albums and 1 single called "take me home" on all music platforms under my name,  Angela Pagliero.🎶