Get Ready!! The Angel # Tees are HERE!!! 😇

The heavy cotton graphic tees are fire 🔥

I brought in these "New" thicker/heavy cotton tee's and created new designs in the winter of 2023. All the other tee's on the 10 of cups site are thinner/light-weight soft cotton tees. 

I really DO love both of the 10 of Cups of tee lines (light-weight and thick). They both serve their purpose in my personal tee collection. 

What I love about this thicker tee, is the retro fit. As you can see in the pictures, the heavy cotton tee is slightly structured and has a boxier look in the sleeves (in a good way 😉).

Depending on the size you get - you can really change your look.
For example sizing up - gives a true over-sized look. Sizing down gives a fitted look (perfect for under shakets and blazers). I am a curvy girl and personally find, both looks are flattering with this thicker tee.

The thinner tees (in all the other tee collections) are so soft, great for layering, tropical-hot days🦩 (and even summer pajamas's - that you can go out in if your lazy lol ) .

*Note: All solid colors are 100% Cotton.

  • Ash color is 99% cotton and 1% Poly. 
  • Heather is 50% cotton and 50% Poly