I AM that I AM.

Repeat after me: "I AM 10 of Cups energy!"

The "I AM" spiritual clothing collection includes a variety of graphic tees that carry a reminder for us all; that the core of the "10 of Cups vibration" starts with awareness of what the self is; aka - "I AM".

The I AM awareness is not self-ish. On the contrary, the "I AM" experience allows us to then witness, that we all ARE ~ therefore we ARE one. When we understand we ARE one, we lose "the self", so it is not possible to be selfish.

Understanding "I AM", can be an experience of knowing and feeling; with many words or no words at all.

No one can take away the I AM experience from anyone, because IT just IS. IT IS complete and whole; just as we all ARE, whole and complete (just the way we ARE).